Candles Hand Poured with Love in California.

All of my scents are blended by me in my studio using "certified clean" fragrances. Whether your favorite scents are fruity, floral, spicy or all of the above, I have something to light up any room with fragrance.

From custom scents to customized jars, if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, lets talk. I can even come to your home and teach you how to make you own candle.

My Scents.

Blended by Me for You.

Whether your favorite scents are fruity, floral, spicy or all of the above, we have something to light up any room with fragrance. If you have a scent in mind, let's chat! I carry many different fragrances, chances are I can blend it for you.

  • Lemon Ball

    Top Note: Lemons

    Middle Note: Roses

    Bottom Note: Herbs

    Inspired by hot summer days in the backyard with the best dog ever.

    Juicy Lemons tickle your nose! Notes of fresh-cut herbs warmed by the sun linger behind. Summer roses bloom to round out the scent!

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  • F.L.Y. (first love yourself)

    Top Note: Goji Berry

    Middle Note: Pineapple

    Bottom Note: Citurs

    A candle inspired by love, love yourself like you love others, deeply, truly, and sweetly...

    Tart goji berries ignite your senses with a kiss. Juicy pineapples swirl playfully through the air. Citrus fruits mix and mingle to bring this scent alive.

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  • Sea Berries

    Top Note: Santal

    Middle Note: Coconut

    Bottom Note: Berries

    A candle inspired by my little sister, river days, and sunshine.

    Close your eyes and breathe deeply. The woody scent of santal hangs in the air. Sipping a cold beverage from a coconut as you lie back in your chair and listen to the waves kiss the sand. As the sun sets the scent of fresh berries lingers like the final rays of sun on a perfect day.

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  • Hummingbird Fountain

    Top Note: Jamine

    Middle Note: Blackberry

    Bottom Note: Sugar

    A scent inspired by a fountain outside my mama's bedroom window.

    With the window open you can smell the jasmine and hear their wings as hummingbirds flit between tiny flowers looking for nectar. Overgrown bushes dripping with blackberries ripe for picking provide shelter for the tiny birds. The scent of nectar coming from the feeders hanging in the morning sun lends a sweet finish to this dreamy scent.

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  • Hidden Forest

    Top Note: Redwood

    Middle Note: Fog

    Bottom Note: Vetiver

    Inspired by my childhood home and long walks in the forest.

    Amble down a path, branches crunch under your shoes and musky redwoods awaken your senses. As you walk on your worries melt away to the fog rolling in at your feet.The trail winds to a small hidden waterfall surrounded by moss and fern as the final layer to this scent.

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  • Honey Cakes

    Top Note: Raspberries

    Middle Note: Vanilla

    Bottom Note: Honey

    Inspired by all things cake,  it's never a bad day when there’s cake.

    We begin with fresh raspberries mashed with a little lemon, sweet tart perfection. We fold the berries into creamy batter dotted with vanilla bean. Sampling the batter is a must, for science of course. A heavy drizzle of honey in the fluffy buttercream to add an earthy sweetness finishes this yummy scent.

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  • Celebrate!

    Top Note: Champagne

    Middle Note: Mandarin

    Bottom Note: Bergamot

    A candle for February, to celebrate my birthday!

    Effervescent champagne bubbles dance on your tongue tickling your nose. Ripe Mandarin oranges mix brightly with bubbles to create a sweet treat for your senses. Tart Bergamot adds a refreshing touch and a crisp finish to this fun scent.

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  • Bloom

    Top Note: Moonflower

    Middle Note: Pear

    Bottom Note: Petitgrain

    A scent inspired by the stars in March that light the way for Spring.

    Under the night sky we hold hand as moonflowers open to welcome us with a sweetly floral embrace. The moon rises to greet us, the air swells with earthy sweetness, sugary stars twinkle in the sky. The path ahead opens to a citrus orchard. The musk of the leaves clings to our jackets as we walk the path of the milky way. Into the night, arm in arm, the night closes around us.

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  • Quench!

    Top Note: Clover

    Middle Note: Moss

    Bottom Note: Lavendar

    A scent for January, inspired by a walk in the rain.

    We walked the trail together, as the rain came down. Through groves of clover bending but not breaking under the weight of the drops. We come to a stream, full from the downpour. The moss on the rocks glistens as the water runs over it. As we enter a grassy field, the rain transforms into a light mist. The scent of satiated earth clings to our boots as we head home damp and happy.

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The Big Wick

  • Up to 90 Hours of Burn Time
  • Works well in large spaces.

My biggest candle with three cotton and paper wicks, 16 OZ of CocoSoy wax, and Certified Clean Fragrance Oils. A metal lid tops it off to preserve your scent. (Lid colors may vary)

Find your scent!

The Little Wick

  • Up to 40 Hours of Burn Time
  • Works well in small spaces.

My medium size candle comes with two cotton and paper wicks, 9 OZ of CocoSoy wax, and Certified Clean fragrance oils. A metal lid tops it off to preserve your scent. (Lid colors may vary)

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Squeeze and Shimmer Melter Wax

  • Up to 50 Hours of Shimmer Time
  • For use in wax warmers with a light bulb.

Squeeze these lovelies into your warmer and watch them shimmer as they fill your home with any of my scents. They are made with CocoSoy wax, Coconut oil and 1.5 times the fragrance of a candle.

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Room and Linen Spray

  • Certified Clean Fragrance
  • Concentrated formula, a little goes a long way.

Two quick spritzes of my spray will liven up any room in your house.  A single spritz in your car, and your morning drive will fly by even in bumper to bumper traffic. Spritz it on a washcloth and throw it in your dryer, take clean laundry to a whole other level.

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